may u be reborn on annares

i'm estre and this is my little corner of the internet!

this site is for the genderful and genderless, naturalists, ursula k. le guin fans, and tumblrinas.

this page is still in the early phases of construction. still, feel free to look around!!!

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Meet the Webmaster

i'm estre (they/he/she), a 21 yr old mixed filipino who does museum work and aquatic habitat restoration in florida! i've been a tumblrina since 2012 and will be watching the ship go down then taking my little dinghy to neocities

i live with my partner, our dog confucius, and our cat skimble. skimble is still a baby (3 months old!!) and i'll be documenting his growth on my site like the proud parent i am.

right now i'm working mainly to save money for school after taking a break from college. my main goal right now is to gain a better understanding of what keeps we well and to let myself have fun!

About the Site

abbenai comes from a misspelling of the capitol city of annares from ursula k. le guin's the dispossessed. i love uklg's science fiction and anarchism so that's why i chose the name! my title comes from the following quote from the same novel in which the pov character from a separatist anarchist planet meets a memeber of the underclass from the capitalist planet his people escaped from generations ago.

“Do you know what your society has meant, here, to us, these last hundred and fifty years? Do you know that when people here want to wish each other luck they say, ‘May you get reborn on Anarres!’ To know that it exists, to know that there is a society without government, without police, without economic exploitation, that they can never again say that it’s just a mirage, an idealist’s dream! I wonder if you fully understand why they’ve kept you so well hidden out there at Ieu Eun. Why you were never allowed to appear at any meeting open to the public. Why they’ll be after you like dogs after a rabbit the moment they find you’re gone. It’s not just because they want this idea of yours. But because you are an idea. A dangerous one. The idea of anarchism, made flesh. Walking amongst us.”

i intend to use this site as a digital scrapbook ^_^ i want to make shrines for stuff i'm passionate about and hopefully to help people learn something and to learn stuff about myself in the process



The site button of sillytime.neocities.org. It is two orange tabby kittens sleeping, with one's head rested on the other. Philia995